TV Guide

  1. 6:00am - 6:10am

    Dino Dana

    Edutainment series. When a dromaeosaurus attacks Mr Hendrickson's flamingo lawn ornaments, Dana sets out to protect them.

  2. 6:10am - 6:25am

    Super 4

    Animated series. Though he is supposed to be guarding his father's castle, Alex falls asleep, allowing Sykronior to turn Kingsland into his new vacation home.

  3. 6:25am - 6:35am

    Super 4

    Animated adventure series. The team think that they are facing a new Sykronian weapon when a vortex appears in the sky over Enchanted Island.

  4. 6:35am - 7:00am


    While trying to capture Danuvia, the Freebot Fighters run into trouble as they struggle to work with their new ally: the bounty hunter Illex.

  5. 7:00am - 7:05am

    Mission Employable

    A behind-the-scenes look at everyday jobs. Agent Kym takes on the challenges of a farmhand and discovers that there are lots of jobs there, including feeding the calves.

  6. 7:05am - 7:15am

    Mr Magoo

    Magoo thinks he is housesitting for Weasel. When he sees him returning from the grocery store with Fizz, he thinks they're burglars.

  7. 7:15am - 7:20am

    Mr Magoo

    Fizz and Weasel are at the supermarket buying ingredients to make the world's best cake. They bump into Magoo, who thinks he's at a carnival.

  8. 7:20am - 7:30am

    Mr Magoo

    Magoo thinks that he is lost in a pyramid but he is in fact in a big conference room where Fizz is about to perform a stand-up act.

  9. 7:30am - 7:40am

    Mighty Mike

    Mike has invited Iris over for a romantic dinner but instead of romance, Iris is more interested in pranking Mike.

  10. 7:40am - 7:50am

    Mighty Mike

    A cute white cat turns up on the Mikkelsen's patio. Everyone thinks it's super-duper adorable, especially Iris.

  11. 7:50am - 8:00am

    Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

    The animated antics of the hapless bumbler Mr Bean. With his beloved teddy bear at the dry cleaners, Mr Bean finds a new playmate in his garden pond.

  12. 8:00am - 8:15am

    Lego Ninjago

    Lil' Nelson takes a job as a paperboy, thinking it will give him a chance to make some easy money. The Pyro Vipers think otherwise.

  13. 8:15am - 8:30am

    Ben 10

    The Forever Knight forces Ben to become a gladiator in order to save his family. Can Ben find a way out of the trap?

  14. 8:30am - 9:25am

    Martin and Roman's Sunday Best!

    Father and son duo Martin and Roman Kemp present their brand-new show to kickstart your Sunday mornings with special guests Ella Henderson, Andy Whyment and Scarlett Moffatt.

  15. 9:25am - 10:20am

    James Martin's Islands To Highlands

    James Martin sets off on his foodie travels across the UK.

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  16. 10:20am - 11:20am

    John and Lisa's Weekend Kitchen

    John and Lisa rustle up a gorgeous prawn satay served with smashed cucumber, and a Chinese-style pot roast chicken.

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  17. 11:20am - 11:50am

    Grow Your Own at Home with Alan Titchmarsh

    In this penultimate episode, filmed by his wife Alison, Alan Titchmarsh creates a cutting garden in the veg plot, with flowers to pick for the home.

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  18. 11:50am - 12:20pm

    You've Been Framed!

    Hilarious home videos. A car is crushed in a mudslide, a dog fouls a smartphone, and a toddler is terrified by a chicken. Plus, a young Peaky Blinder runs amok at a wedding.

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  19. 12:20pm - 12:30pm

    ITV Lunchtime News

    News bulletins from ITV News.

  20. 12:30pm - 1:00pm

    Britain's Brightest Celebrity Family

    Two brilliant celebrity families fight for a place in the final of this knockout quiz tournament, hosted by the Queen of quizzing, The Governess, aka Anne Hegerty.

  21. 1:00pm - 2:00pm

    The Masked Singer US

    Flamingo, Leopard, Black Widow, Skeleton, Thingamajig and Butterfly perform as judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger try to guess their identity.

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  22. 2:00pm - 3:00pm

    Dickinson's Real Deal

    In Swindon, Tim Hogarth and Tracy Thackray-Howitt meet a host of creature collectibles. Will Stewart Hofgartner lock down a deal on a decorative safe?

  23. 3:00pm - 4:00pm


    Quiz show hosted by Warwick Davis. Milk and Four Sugars - five friends who all work in the building trade - answer Top 10 list questions.

  24. 4:00pm - 5:00pm

    Tipping Point

    Ben Shephard hosts the quiz show in which four players take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning the 10,000 pound jackpot.

  25. 5:00pm - 6:00pm

    Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow

    Alan Carr returns as the leader of the pack for another Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow - and this time it's Play Your Cards Right getting the big scale treatment

  26. 6:00pm - 6:15pm

    ITV Evening News

    National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents.

  27. 6:15pm - 6:25pm

    STV News

    The STV National News covering all of Scotland.

  28. 6:25pm - 7:30pm

    The Chase: Celebrity Specials

    Bradley Walsh hosts a celebrity edition of the quiz show.

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  29. 7:30pm - 9:00pm

    The Road to Coronation Street

    Tony Warren had a dream of bringing working class characters to the screen. But could he persuade his bosses to turn his dream into reality?

  30. 9:00pm - 10:00pm

    The British Soap Awards Celebrate 21 Years

    Phillip Schofield hosts this special celebration of the British Soap Awards.

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  31. 10:00pm - 10:15pm

    ITV News

    News bulletins from ITV News.

  32. 10:15pm - 11:15pm

    The Comedy Years

    A look at how comedy has defined a changing Britain. In 1979, Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and political satire made a return with Not The Nine O'Clock News.

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  33. 11:15pm - 12:10am

    Last Laugh in Vegas

    Documentary series. The showbiz entertainers begin rehearsals for the biggest performance of their lives, but impressing American producer Frank Marino is proving to be tough.

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  34. 12:10am - 5:05am

    ITV Nightscreen

    ITV Nightscreen

  35. 5:05am - 6:00am

    Judge Rinder

    Alex is in court to claim 1,387.86 pounds for the cost to cancel a phone contract.

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